Friday, August 27, 2010

Forget Me Not!

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately (obviously), music being one of them. I currently have about 10 CDs that I need to load onto my iTunes, and I just realized that I won't really be getting any new music until APRIL. Brooke Fraser's new album, Flags?? It'll have to wait. Won't be getting any new stuff from Coldplay or Ingrid Michaelson either.
But anyway. I'd never heard of The Civil Wars until like...last week when I heard they were doing a concert in downtown Raleigh. But I'd never heard any of their stuff, so I didn't go to the concert. But then I saw this video (which you should watch immediately) that my wonderful (and he would tell you favorite, of course) cousin Clayton posted on Facebook.....and now I'm just a tad obsessed.
I sort of hate people like that. Who are just that insanely talented and have voices that blend so well together. I mean I can sing and play some piano, but I just don't think I could create music like that. But it's too awesome for me to really hate them.
Anyway. I thought it was good enough to share with you good people.
I went and visited Trinity today (my old school, if you don't know). I took Joshua lunch--5 Guys. Yes, I was the cool sister today. Although Caitlin is definitely becoming much cooler since she's the one having his niece/nephew.
But yeah, it was weird. I had to sign in, and I wasn't wearing a polo (YAY!), and I sat and chatted with some of my favorite teachers while everyone else was in class.
I have to be honest, it was pretty awesome. I loved my time at Trinity (I could talk for hours about the great things I learned there), but it was just time. I am super excited to be an alum though. And I'm actually attending my first big TAR event tomorrow night! We finally have a gym (it's AWESOME)! And it's being dedicated tomorrow before the annual Back to School Picnic. Sarah Beth is coming over beforehand to help me figure out some packing stuff and then we're both going to the school for the evening. It will be great!
So yes. Life is good. I am incredibly blessed. Every time I visit Trinity, I'm reminded how grateful I should be to be surrounded by the body of Christ. It is so sweet to know that I am so loved and have so many people supporting me and praying for me. So thank you! God is good! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

addresses! and other random things

So a lot of people have been asking about whether or not they can write me or send me things. The answer is yes! However, there are certain dates to send things by and in some countries there are taxes on packages. So. Be mindful of that if you are going to send me something. But I would love some letters! Or if you don't want to write me, please email me or comment here--it will be so great to hear from everyone back home while I am gone. I will need all the encouragement I can get! :)

I had to take the addresses down for security my mom to get addresses!!! :)

A few notes from TBB:
-Ecuador taxes things heavily and I can't pick up anything that is sent to me without paying taxes in person.
-Don't send items through Fed Ex to China.
-S. Africa also taxes items.
-It may be best to send holiday gifts or packages to China or India--I'll be in Cambodia over Christmas.
-When you're sending things, take into account weekends, holidays, and program travel.

Agh. I leave so soon. Soooo soon. I really am so excited. But its like in the past week life has hit me over the head like a great wooden bat. Not very comfortable.
Nearly all of my friends have left for college. Which is great! But it's bizarre. I've just realized that they are moving on to college--meeting new people, trying new things! And I was a little jealous for a while there. And scared, honestly, that they'd make all these new and better friends. But I realized, that's sort of how it should be. I'll stay really close to a few people I think. But most people...if you think about'll be good for them to make new friends. People who really understand them. And this experience will be good for me!
It's two weeks from today. Exactly.
Two weeks. Til I am gone for eight months. GAH.
For those of you reading this, please be praying for my funding--it's definitely not all here yet. I basically just need a miracle in one week. I know the Lord will provide a way. He always does. Nevertheless, I'd appreciate your prayers!
Sorry for the length of this post...more rambling. :)